Clever design combines fashionable looks with pajama-level comfort.

As the first warm sensations of spring make their appearance, it’s just about time to pack up the winter wardrobes we’ve been wearing for the past few months. If you’re living the stay-at-home lifestyle as the pandemic continues, though, odds are comfort is as high a priority as style, and thankfully Japanese roomwear brand Yuruwa is ready to provide both.

Yuruwa calls its latest lineup the Yuru Hakama Hannari Version, so let’s unpack the linguistics first. Hakama are the billowy pants worn over kimono, while yuru means “loose,” implying even extra comfort. As for hannari, it’s a Kyoto-dialect expression for a relaxed and cheerful elegance, in keeping with the fabrics’ colorful patterns.

But while these outfits look like separate tops and bottoms, they’re actually a clever one-piece design with a cinchable waist. That means no fussing with tying the sash or straightening the folds, helping the clothes achieve their goal of “combining the looks of traditional Japanese clothing with the functionality of modern clothing.” The garments are made out of 100-percent cotton that’s so soft and light that Yuruwa boasts you can use them as pajamas, and they’re machine washable too.

The women’s versions, available in gingko and tulip patterns, have a more prominent knot to their sash and a subtle lace trim to their collar.

The men’s options, meanwhile, are a breezy blue firework pattern or earthy leaf motif.

The women’s patterns are available in medium, large, and extra-large sizes, and the men’s in medium and large. There are also kids’ versions for wearers with heights between 90 and 100 centimeters (35 to 39 inches) or 105 and 115 centimeters (41 to 45 inches) with top patterns identical to the adult garments, but with more brightly colored hakama.

The Yuru Hakama Hannari are being offered through a campaign on crowdfunding site Campfire here, with rewards tiers for adult sizes starting at 9,187 yen (US$89) and kids at 5,739 yen.

Source: Campfire/Campfire Creation via Japaaan, PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Campfire/Campfire Creation, PR Times
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