Newest offerings from hyper-popular brand Mocolle are a convenient, cozy way to cosplay at home.

Japanese fashion label Mocolle gets its name by combining mousou, meaning “fantasy” or “delusion,” with “collection.” But while the brand isn’t averse to fantastically sexy and sexily fantastical designs, like its shrine maiden bikini or rabbit lingerie, sometimes the company prefers to offer modest but playfully retro clothing.

Mocolle’s latest offering is the Showa Modern kimono roomwear line, taking its aesthetics from the early years of the Showa period, which ran from 1926 to 1989.

This isn’t Mocolle’s first time to offer kimono-inspired roomwear. But unlike its previously produced versions, the Showa Modern roomwear is a two-piece design, with a separate loose-sleeved furisode-style top and billowy hakama-like bottom.

▼ While Hakata are traditionally pants, the set’s bottom is actually a skirt.

Making the Showa Modern a two-piece design lets you mix and match the various patterns and colors however you like, with the full lineup consisting of four different tops and three hues of bottoms.

▼ The bottoms are bundled with decorative sashes of the same color.

For those who are curious, that’s model Kuroneko wearing the Showa Modern in these photos.

▼ Yes, her professional moniker does mean “Black Cat.”

Many of Mocolle’s fashions have a bit of a cosplay/anime influence to them, and so the company also now has its very own illustrated mascot/spokesmodel, Moko, who’s also tried on the new roomwear.

As with most of Mocolle’s clothing, the Modern Showa is initially being offered as part of a campaign on crowdfunding website Campfire. Individual tops are priced at 6,120 yen (US$56) and individual bottoms at 6,800 yen, while combined sets start at 12,640 yen.

The campaign has about 50 days left to go and is seeking a total of one million yen. Considering Mocolle’s stellar record of crowdfunding successes, it probably won’t have any trouble hitting that mark, and if you’re keen to lounge around your house in kimono style, the campaign can be found here.

Source: Campfire via IT Media
Images: Campfire

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