Whatever you’ve got planned today, even if it’s nothing at all, Uniqlo’s sister brand and a whole bunch of Pokémon are here to help you get dressed for it.

The Pokémon franchise occupies a unique place in the entertainment world. With hundreds of anime episodes and decades’ worth of video games for Nintendo hardware, it’s a compelling reason to spend the entire day at home watching and catching Pocket Monsters. On the other hand, the phenomenally successful Pokémon GO mobile game encourages people to search the real world for rare species.

So it’s fitting that the new line of Pokémon apparel from Japanese casual clothing chain GU has you covered with an array of options to show your fandom whether you’re going out or lounging about the house.

GU is actually Uniqlo’s more casual, affordably priced corporate sibling (sort of like the relationship between Old Navy and Gap). But while GU’s offerings never get too stuffy or overly dressy, its Pokémon line can contribute to some pretty cute ensembles, as these photos show.

Starting with the women’s selection, Pikachu stars on either the front or back of a series of hybrid dress/T-shirts with half-length sleeves.

Looking for a top that’s not quite so long? There are also hip-length tunics and short-cropped tees graced by Pikachu, Eevee, and Jigglypuff.

For those stay-at-home days, the GU’s plentiful Pokémon roomwear items include two-piece pajama sets with both patterned button-up shirts and shorts with Pikachu, Jigglypuff, and Mew.

There are also pullover pajama sets, with two different Pikachus taking naps, a dozing Eevee, and a surprisingly alert Jigglypuff…

…plus short-sleeved Pikachu lounge dresses.

Moving on to the men’s items, the most stylish of the bunch are these button-up shirts with Pikachu and Poké Ball motifs.

The guy’s pajama sets, in both Snorlax and Poké-pantheon patterns, come with long pants…

…and there are even boxers for the Pokémon fan who wants to keep Pikachu close to his, um, heart.

The entire lineup is reasonably priced (the most expensive items are the men’s button-up shirts and pajama sets, at 2,490 yen [US$23.25]) and goes on sale through GU’s online shop here April 24, and becomes available for purchase at physical store locations on April 29.

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