Anime brand ambassador speaks two languages, is subtitled in 10 more.

Anime fans were some of the earliest consumers to embrace online video services, so it’s no surprise that Netflix wants to be a major player in the anime industry. Not content to just stream anime, Netflix has gotten involved in financing and production of new series, and now it’s taking another step down the otaku path by creating its own virtual YouTuber.

N-ko Mei Kurono is Netflix’s newly appointed “anime brand ambassador.” Hailing from Los Gatos, California (which also happens to be the location of Netflix global headquarters), she’s a sheep-human lifeform, in case you’re wondering about her ears.

Mei is also the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound sheep make.

According to her official bio, N-ko’s hobbies include singing, dancing, massage, and, of course, watching lots of anime. That love of animation is shared by the actress who portrays N-ko, an anonymous California-raised Netflix employee. Because she’s bilingual, N-ko speaks both Japanese and English in her videos, which are also subtitled in ten additional languages (Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, German, French, Indonesian, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Thai, and Vietnamese).

N-ko naturally has a particularly soft spot for Netflix anime, as evidenced by the N-for-Netflix motif of her hairclip and dress plus the posters in her room for series the company streams, such as Agretsuko and Beastars. She says she’s also planning to collaborate with outer virtual YouTubers to play video games and sing songs.

▼ N-ko’s “mother” is listed as illustrator Fubuki, while her “father” is 3-D modeler Tsumidango.

N-ko’s program, The N-ko Show, will be releasing episodes weekly, starting April 30 at 10 a.m. (Japan time).

Source: Oricon News via Jin
Top image: YouTube/Netflix Anime
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