Japan’s ground community is spellbound by a discovery at their feet.

These days, we’re often so preoccupied with staring at our phones that we forget to admire the scenery around us, and don’t even bother to look at the ground beneath our feet.

There’s a lot of beauty to be found on the streets of Japan, though, and here to remind us of that fact is photographer Fuchida Fuchiko (@warijaku), who’s been capturing the beauty of lost and discarded items that lie on the ground, unnoticed by passersby.

Fuchida, the manager of a “Lost/Garbage Photo Posting Community” called “Fan of the Ground“, recently went viral for an observation that grabbed everyone’s attention online. At the side of the road, on a kerb at a pedestrian crossing, Fuchida found this:

It’s a sight that’s sometimes seen at pedestrian crossings around Japan, where the end of the kerb is painted bright yellow to stop pedestrians and cyclists from bumping into it. However, proving that one person’s cement kerb is another person’s treasure, Fuchida made this observation:

“It’s totally sushi”

Once the rounded end of cement had been likened to a piece of sushi, the similarity became obvious to everyone, who began posting photos to support the assertion.

Fuchida’s tweet quickly went viral, earning over 15,000 retweets and 162,000 likes, and comments such as:

“Wow, this looks exactly like egg sushi!”
“The nori that wraps around it is exquisite.”
“It’s making my stomach rumble!”
“This looks totally delicious!”
“Now I want to eat sushi!”

The sushi road discovery is just one of many fantastic finds made by Fuchida over the years. For more unique street art, be sure to check out the Fan of the Ground community on Discord, where you can contribute your own photos and join in the fun of unusual discoveries in Japan.

And remember, if you’re in Taiwan and you find a red envelope on the ground, whatever you do, don’t pick it up, or else you might find yourself stuck in a ghost marriage.

Source: Twitter/@warijaku via Net Lab
Featured image: Pakutaso
Insert image: Twitter/@warijaku

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