Lady Dimitrescu shows off how huge she really is when a normal human stands next to her.

Resident Evil Village is the second survival horror adventure for new franchise protagonist Ethan Winters, and also marks the return of Chris Redfield, leading man for the first and fifth games in the series. But while Ethan and Chris are of significant narrative stature, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu towers over both of them.

She’s become the face of Resident Evil Village in the eyes of the fan community, so much so that Japanese electronics chain Yodobashi Camera’s Umeda (Osaka) branch currently has a life-size in-store standee of the “tall vampire lady.” And while Village’s in-game first-person perspective does a decent job showing off Lady Dimitrescu’s height, nothing hammers home how truly large and in-charge the video game villainess is like seeing her next to a real person for comparison.

Standing next to Lady Dimitrescu is Japanese Twitter user @c_asaaai, who gives her height as 165 centimeters (5 feet, 5 inches). That puts the top of @c_asaaai’s head underneath Lady Dimitrescu waistline, and the photo also shows just how much longer her limbs are than a normal human’s. If you tried to run away in terror, her long strides would allow her to chase you down without even light jogging. Brave/foolhardy enough to stand and fight? Her arms give her so much of a reach advantage that she could punch, slap, or strangle you before you could ever lay a finger on her classically chic gown or retro made-up face.

There’s something uniquely unnerving about how Lady Dimitrescu’s design isn’t misshapen or monstrous in any significant way other than her size. She isn’t unnaturally muscular or obese. She simply has the build of a very, very large human, making any ordinary person who stands next to the standee look like a helpless child by comparison.

Of course, there’s nothing really to be afraid of here. After all, Resident Evil developer Capcom itself went to the trouble of making an entire puppet theater video, complete with an adorable singing, blood-painting Lady Dimitrescu, to tell us that Village isn’t scary, and we can’t imagine they’d lie to us, right?

Source: Twitter/@c_asaaai via Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@c_asaaai
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