”We want them arrested” says Kitchen Dive after assailants throw money at employees and threaten to attack them after work.

It’s hard to think of a more lovable bento boxed lunch shop than Tokyo’s Kitchen Dive. Not only does it offer some of the heartiest, most-filling meals you can find in Japan, they’re also an amazing value.

▼ Our past Kitchen Dive adventures include its three-kilogram (6.6-pound) spaghetti for 1,480 yen (US$14.30) and its one-kilogram rice ball for 500 yen.

So really, you expect people to show up to Kitchen Dive with a rumble in their stomach, but also a smile on their face about the gargantuan grub they’re going to get. Unfortunately, two men who recently stopped by Kitchen Dive’s store in Tokyo’s Kamedo neighborhood didn’t bring just their appetites, but their incredibly immature attitudes as well, berating the staff, throwing money at them, and threatening physical violence, as shown in this video shared through Kitchen Dive’s official Twitter account.

Things got off to a bad start when the two men stepped into the bento shop’s interior without masks on, despite Tokyo still being in a government-declared state of emergency due to coronavirus infection numbers. They then asked for the their bento to be warmed up in the microwave, to which the staff regrettably informed them that that articular services was suspended at the moment as part of Kitchen Dive’s current health policies.

This sent the two men into a rage, and they began shouting at the staff. “You’re garbage. I make as much money in a month as you do in a year,” one boasted. “Let’s take this outside,” they said, adding “What time do you get off? We’ll be waiting.”

At one point, the enraged man in a suit threw a handful of bills and coins at the staff with some of the coins striking an employee on the ear. “I paid the money. I’m a customer,” he yelled, to which an employee swiftly corrected him with “You didn’t pay the money, You threw it.” “Yeah, I threw it. Same thing,” the man retorted, to which the employee, with the firm patience of a mother disciplining a bratty child, firmly said “No, they are very different.”

At numerous points in the video the man in the suit can be heard saying “Go ahead, call the cops,” and Kitchen Dive, through its Twitter accounts, says “The criminals yelled at us to call the cops, so that’s what we’ve done, and we’ll be pressing charges,” and “We will absolutely not forgive them for this.” Twitter commenters largely agree that any mercy is unnecessary in dealing with the two, with reactions such as:

“Completely unforgivable.”
“We love you, Kitchen Dive. Don’t let them get away with this.”
“They’ll probably show up all sheepishly to apologize, and say something like ‘I’m sorry. I was drunk. I have a wife and kids, so please drop the charges.’ Don’t listen to them.”
“I bet that guy has gotten in trouble with the law before. Maybe the police can get his fingerprints off the money he threw to identify him?”

“We want both of them arrested, so we’re asking everyone to spread the word,” tweets Kitchen Dive, which also requests that anyone who recognizes the two men contact the store through its Twitter DMs.

Source: Twitter/@divemamuru via Hachima Kiko, FNN Prime
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