The effect of this small change really shows Nissin’s reach around the world.

Companies in Japan have been upping their eco-friendly game over the past few years, like KitKat’s paper packaging and Starbucks Japan’s reusable drinkware. As of June 2021, Nissin has a new strategy in the sustainability game by eliminating the “lid closing seal,” a thin piece of plastic with adhesive on it that holds your noodle cup closed while the ramen is cooking in boiling water. This very small change will save an estimated 33 tons of plastic waste per year produced by Nissin.

▼ Here’s the after (left) and before (right) shot, which we’ll explain below.

In place of the lid closing seal, Nissin has given the cup a slight makeover. It will now feature two opening tabs instead of one, and you can fold these down along the cup’s edges to keep the lid firmly closed and get the perfect cup of Nissin ramen. This will apply to all regular and mini-sized Nissin cup noodles, while the Big Cup size will still have the plastic seal.

▼ The double opening tabs also give the lid a cat-like silhouette, as shown by Nissin’s announcement video on the change.

The effort is part of Nissin’s “Do it Now!” campaign that began in 2019, wherein the company aims to address environmental and human concerns through efforts in areas like disaster prevention, sustainability, food safety, and more.

You may still spot the plastic seal on cup noodles you buy in the near future since the company just implemented the change in their factories, but soon enough, you can participate in the double opening tab fun knowing that your meal is making a little bit less of an impact on the environment.

Sources: Nissin, Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp
Images: Nissin
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