Nissin brand turns 50 but their marketing remains forever young. 

It’s been a bumper year for Nissin, the company that created the world’s first-ever instant noodle, Cup Noodle, 50 years ago.

Nissin is loved almost as much for its creative marketing as it is for its Cup Noodle, so to celebrate its milestone anniversary, the company has been giving us all sorts of zany offerings, like Cup Noodle pouches, sodas, and even humidifiers.

Now, it’s giving us the Cup Noodle mop.

Well, the company isn’t exactly giving it to us, seeing as it’s not being made commercially, but the mops do actually exist, and they’re being put to good use, as demonstrated by these young lads at Winter Cup 2021.

▼ Winter Cup is the annual all-Japan High School Basketball Tournament.

Nissin was one of the sponsors at this year’s Cup, alongside Softbank, the telecommunications provider that famously has a white dog as its mascot. So it makes sense that the two companies would create an image of the Softbank dog dunking a pot of boiling hot water into a Cup Noodle basketball hoop to promote the joint sponsorship.

However, it was the Cup Noodle mops that stole the show at Winter Cup — another ‘cup’ that’s incidentally turning 50 this year. Each mop head looks just like a clump of ramen spilling out from a Cup Noodle pack, interspersed with familiar ingredients like good ‘ol mystery meat.

People loved the ingenious design, saying:

“It’s meant to be used for cleaning but it looks like you’re making a mess instead!”
“Such a great idea!!”
“Nissin has such strong marketing!”
“I was at Winter Cup and when my son saw the mops he got so excited!”
“I’d love it if Nissin sold these for home use!”
“I want to eat Cup Noodles now!”

Strangely, we’ve got a craving for Cup Noodles now too. If your stomach’s rumbling for instant noodles as well, then you might want to mosey over here to take a look at their newest range, which knocks it out of the park by combining some of their very best flavours.

Source: Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp via Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@cupnoodle_jp

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