There’s a reason to feel less guilty about eating KitKats, now that they’re saving the wildlife from tonnes of plastic each year. 

With flavours that range from sake to plum wine and even cough drop, KitKats have become the go-to souvenir of choice for many travellers around the world, but now there’s a reason for everyone to fall in love with them even more.

Starting from the end of this September, Nestlé Japan will be making a big change to the look of their KitKat range, by saying sayonara to their plastic packaging.

▼ Glossy plastic packaging on the right, new-look paper packaging on the left.

By switching to paper packaging, Nestle expects to save 380 tonnes (418 tons) of plastic every year. It’s all part of the company’s commitment to only use 100-percent recyclable and reusable packaging by 2025.

The new paper packaging will be appearing on five of the brand’s larger sized products, specifically the KitKat Mini Original

▼ The KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa (Adult Sweetness)…

▼ The KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Matcha

▼ And the KitKat Mini Otona no Amasa Strong Matcha.

The convenience-store exclusive Kit Kat Mini Original packs will also be given an all-paper makeover.

To help customers get used to the new-look packets, Nestlé is encouraging people to use them to make paper cranes, which they can write messages on and then give to their family and friends.

This origami feature is a nice touch that really drives home the message of reusing and recycling materials, which Nestlé hopes to expand to other products in their range soon.

It also ties in nicely with KitKat’s good luck connection in Japan, as the origami cranes can be used to wish family and friends good luck on their exams and in their working lives, as “kitto katsu” translates to “will surely win”.

Source, images: Nestlé Japan Press Release 
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