Not everyone remembers this ‘80s anime series, but this is a cosplay you’ll never forget.

During the Olympics, the BBC was swiftly taken to task by the worldwide otaku community when the British broadcaster mistakenly identified the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam as a “Transformer.” But you know what they say, let he who is without sin fire the first beam rifle, and so rather than criticize, let’s all take a moment to improve our anime mecha scholarship.

Today’s lesson comes from Japanese Twitter user @travis37564, who’d like us to take a moment to remember the Ideon, titular star of Space Runaway Ideon. But rather than simply post a screenshot of the 1980 anime TV series or a photo of a store-bought figure, @travis37564’s look back at robot history comes in the form of an incredible cosplay video.

Accompanied by some appropriately dramatic brassy musical accompaniment, the Ideon radiates an aura of immense scale as it moves. Even more impressive, no welding whatever was required for its construction, as @travis37564 crafted it out of cardboard!

@travis37564 created the cosplay suit for the Amazing Shotengai doujin exhibition which took place in Tokyo’s Taito Ward in July. He still has the Ideon, though, and recently piloted it to walk his dog (though @travis37564 reports they didn’t get very far and he let the pooch run free in the yard soon after the video ends).

Who knows what’s next for the cardboard Ideon, but if this is the last we see of it, going for a walk with a dog is a much cheerier ending than Gundam creator Yoshiyuki “Kill ‘em All” Tomino, penned for the Ideon TV series.

Source: Twitter/@travis37564 via IT Media
Top image: Twitter/@travis37564
Insert images: Twitter/@travis37564 (1, 2)
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