Creative Japanese office installs awesome full-size vending machine made out of cardboard【Video】

Japan has a lot vending machines, but there’s only one like this.

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Japan’s latest work-from-home innovation: The wearable video conference background【Photos】

Crazy telecommuting aid lets you ditch the digital trickery and have a video conference background with zero chance of computer glitches.

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Japanese mother creates life-size cardboard cutout of herself to soothe her child 【Pics & Video】

Parents can and will go to great lengths to get some shred of (quiet) privacy.

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Awesome cardboard Darth Vader costume lets you become an eco-friendly Jedi villain【Video】

May the Box be with you.

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Nintendo Labo: Mad genius sets to build your own Switch controllers out of cardboard【Video】

Some would say Nintendo’s video games killed the conventional kids’ toy market, but now they might be bringing it back.

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Japanese cat gets the ultimate playhouse: a giant cardboard robot hand-made by its owners【Pics】

We wish there was space for us inside too.

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Father Hides Real Nintendo Switch in Son’s Cardboard Version

Twitter user Mohikan recently posted some pictures of his creative, game-loving son.

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Japanese artist’s cardboard creations are impressively detailed, delightfully fun

From a bag of potato chips to Doc’s DeLorean, there’s nothing she can’t make!

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Mr. Sato installs a cardboard toilet in his workspace for maximum efficiency

Mr. Sato overcomes his greatest foe in the battle for time: his own bowels.

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Mr. Sato shows how to work from home, even if you have to commute to the office

If you can’t take your work home, just build a new home at work.

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Anime fan Halloween costume planning is now done thanks to cardboard Dragon Ball Z battle armor

Whether you’re a kid experiencing the martial arts classic for the first time, or a Vegeta-loving veteran fan with a receding hairline, you’ll look great in these.

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The “Rakulet” adds a corrugated layer of luxury to cardboard toilets

Hot on the heels of a bed made of cardboard for use in disasters, one company has upped the ante with a whole line of cardboard emergency goods including a range of toilets to suit your needs.

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If you’re going to worship your cat, you may as well make him a cardboard box Shinto shrine

Simple craft project lets you tell your cat, in no uncertain terms, that he exists on a higher plane than you do.

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Awesome craft project alert: Cardboard samurai armor kits from Japan!

With both adult and kid sizes available, samurai of all ages will be ready for cardboard battle.

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The Damborghini: A Lamborghini made entirely from cardboard

What do you do when you want a Lamborghini but can’t afford one? You make one out of cardboard!

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Cardboard arcade cabinets could be the next must-have home furnishing for gamers

The company that brought us the Danbocchi—cardboard sound proof cubicles so you can karaoke to your heart’s content without annoying the neighbors—is back with yet another crazy cardboard creation we can’t help but find ourselves wanting.

Yes, gamers, now you can actually build a retro arcade gaming table in your own home!

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Lexus pays homage to its Japanese workers by building a driveable origami car out of cardboard

Lexus has always admired the skills of the craftsmen and women who work on their production lines in Japan. Known as takumi, these highly trained Japanese production workers hone their dexterity skills by learning to fold an origami cat in 90 secondsusing only their non-dominant hand.

Now, Lexus UK has unveiled a stunning tribute to these skilled workers by creating a life-sized replica of the Lexus IS, using 1,700 pieces of laser-cut cardboard in what they’re calling the “Origami Car”. Complete with an electric motor, the cardboard vehicle can actually be driven. With the cardboard seats and interior, it won’t be an entirely practical, or legal, ride, but it would certainly be a memorable one!

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Celebrate the arrival of the Mt Fuji climbing season with a mini mountain for cats

July in Japan means Mt Fuji is open for business. For the next two months, shops at the 5th station become bustling hives of activity, hikers line the various trails up to the summit and tour buses start jamming the roads.

But what about the dreams of our feline friends who yearn for the thrill of scaling Mt Fuji? Well now they don’t even have to leave their air-conditioned homes because compliant owners can finally bring the mountain to their cats. Kitty’s goal of dominating Japan’s highest mountain can be achieved at last!

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Artist makes cool Gundam, tanks, and rifles out of Amazon boxes to show they’re all secretly cute

You can use the phrase “paper tiger” to describe someone or something that’s not as tough as it appears to be, but you could conjure up the same image just as easily with a different pair of words. For example, “cardboard tank” seems like it could serve the same linguistic purpose. So could “cardboard Gundam” or “cardboard M16,” for that matter.

But while those might not be as powerful as their original, non-cardboard forms, they are all incredibly awesome when made out of corrugated cardboard, as proven by the creations of artist Monami Ono, who makes all those and more out of cardboard boxes from Amazon.

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Taiwanese student creates incredible art with materials others would throw away【Photos】

Tony Stark is a character whose power comes from his ingenuity in designing and building his Iron Man suits and weapons. And of course having millions of dollars at his disposal helped.

Meet Kai-xiang Xhong, the Tony Stark (sans riches) of cardboard art. Some people might laugh at the phrase “cardboard art,” but this man’s sculptures are so stunning that it’s hard to believe they are made of the same stuff your Amazon purchases arrive in. Take, for instance, the life-size Iron Man suit shown above. (Did we mention it’s wearable? There is a person in that suit, walking around and bending parts without it falling to pieces!)

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