A video of a man trying to flee the scene after illegal trash dumping has the Japanese web cackling in schadenfreude.

If you didn’t know that illegally dumping trash was a crime already, you’ll definitely learn it after living in Japan for long enough. Signs adorn every street corner, usually with angry-countenanced illustrations. No illegal dumping, some of the signs decree, under penalty of severe fines! There’s a good reason for this, too. Japan is a small country and its trash needs to be handled responsibly, or things go downhill fast.

▼ Illegal dumping makes tanuki families cry.

Just because something is illegal, though, doesn’t mean that people aren’t going to break the law—whether intentionally or not. A Twitter account with the strange username of @Stalin_Bot_JP posted a video of someone doing exactly that:

“This guy went to illegally dump some trash, then trashed himself.”

In the video, a fellow emerges from a car to throw away a large plastic bag of garbage. As the person filming exclaims and honks to try to dissuade him, the man makes a break for his car, which has been slowly proceeding along the road. He gets inside, and closes the door…only for the whole car to topple over and end up upside-down.

A commenter replied in confusion: “How is the car still moving even while he’s not at the wheel?”

The original poster arrived with a helpful explanation:

“It’s a phenomenon unique to automatic transmission vehicles called “creep”. Leaving the car in the “D” (Drive) gear without engaging the handbrake (or only using it lightly) will lead to the car automatically moving forward on its own. You should shift the gear to “P” (Park) even when stopping for a short time for this reason.”

Another person added, “it seems the weight balance of the driver’s weight along with the car was knocked off just a little as it went uphill, so rather than slowing down it did a creeping dash all at once…”

Other commenters were taken with the context of the video: “The scenery makes it look like Japan, but it’s curious that the car’s license plate is rectangular…”

▼ Japanese number plates are more square, as seen here.

Watching the video with a closer eye reveals that something on the cameraperson’s dashboard is written in Hangul, so this video is likely to have been taken in Korea. Regardless of where this strange feat took place, everyone was delighted to chortle over this strangely karmic car flip.

“That’s poetic justice.”
“What a great educational video about the importance of parking properly. They should make people watch this when taking classes to drive automatic cars.”
“The person filming honked his horn to warn the guy, then drove right up when his car rolled over. What a nice guy.”
“God was obviously watching, lol.”

What a great reminder to recycle our trash responsibly and also to park responsibly while out on the road.

Source: Twitter/@Stalin_Bot_JP via My Game News Flash
Top image: Pakutaso
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