Tokyo Revengers become the Nippon Revengers with special salutes to all the prefectures of Japan.

It’s become a bit of a marketing trend for popular anime/manga series to take over a train station with character artwork murals and posters, and when Tokyo Revengers decided to do that, the natural choice, of course, was Tokyo Station. The posters went up on Monday, so our resident otaku reporter Seiji Nakazawa went to check them out, and as soon as he got off his Yamanote Line train he spotted one on the stairs that led down from the platform into the station building.

Here’s the thing, though. Those giant kanji characters at the top of the poster, 徳島? Those aren’t the kanji for Tokyo, but for Tokushima, a prefecture practically on the other side of the country. As a matter of fact, it turns out that each and every one of Japan’s non-Tokyo prefectures gets a special Tokyo Revengers poster.

That’s because the art project, part of the celebration of the release of the 24th collected volume of the Tokyo Revengers manga, is called Nippon Revengers (“Japan Revengers”) and wants to give the other parts of the country a little moment in the spotlight. Each poster has a character using a bit of that prefecture’s dialect, expressing their love for a regional delicacy, or otherwise referencing the local culture.

▼ “Ya know, that airport and ‘land of dreams’ are both in Chiba,” Draken reminds everyone on the poster for Chiba, the actual location of Tokyo Disneyland and Narita International Airport (sometimes referred to as “Tokyo-Narita Airport”).

Most of the posters are located on the walls of the stairwells that connect the platforms for track 3-10 with the station’s central passage area. Obviously, Seiji’s first course of action was to go looking for a poster with his favorite character, Baji.

The First Division Captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang graces the poster for Fukushima, a prefecture famous for its ramen, where he proclaims: “Ramen ain’t something you eat at the end of the night, but the start of the day!”

Next up, Seiji wanted to find the poster for his home prefecture of Osaka, and he was quite happy to discover that it’s represented by Chifuyu, a character who in-series also idolizes Baji.

▼ “Osaka ladies keep leopards as pets…on their shirts,” says Chifuyu as he explains a popular conception of Osaka fashion.

As mentioned above, most of the posters are along the stairways that connect the platforms with the central passage, but two of them, the posters for Hokkaido and Saga, are instead in the stairwell between the Track 3/4 and Track 5/6 platforms which leads down to the subway lines.



Since being an otaku means having certain completionist tendencies, Seiji made sure to snap photos of the whole set, the rest of which we present here.

▼ Aichi

▼ Akita

▼ Aomori

▼ Ehime

▼ Fukui

▼ Fukuoka

▼ Gifu

▼ Gunma

▼ Hiroshima

▼ Hyogo

▼ Ibaraki

▼ Ishikawa

▼ Iwate

▼ Kagawa

▼ Kagoshima

▼ Kanagawa

▼ Kochi

▼ Kumamoto

▼ Kyoto

▼ Mie

▼ Miyagi

▼ Miyazaki

▼ Nagano

▼ Nagasaki

▼ Nara

▼ Niigata

▼ Oita

▼ Okayama

▼ Okinawa

▼ Saga

▼ Saitama

▼ Shiga

▼ Shimane

▼ Shizuoka

▼ Tochigi

▼ Tottori

▼ Toyama

▼ Wakayama

▼ Yamagata

▼ Yamaguchi

▼ Yamanashi

As with most anime art displays like this, the Tokyo Revengers posters will only be up for a limited time, though with Volume 24 of the manga not coming out until Friday, we can probably expect them to stick around at least until then. And even after they’re gone there’re still other secrets to go looking for inside Tokyo Station.

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