Tokyo Station

Pay-to-poop vs free poop: We compare Japanese toilets at Tokyo Station

Find out why some toilets come with an entry fee. 

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Japan goes from capsule hotels to capsule offices with free Wi-Fi, device charging in Tokyo

Three of Tokyo’s most useful stations offer individual-size offices free of charge.

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Shinkansen breaks down, causes all-day commuter chaos at Tokyo Station

Thousands stranded for hours during Japan’s peak holiday travel period. 

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Incredible PowerPoint recreation of Tokyo Station features over 2,000 digital objects

Anything can be a canvas, even a program meant for slideshow presentations; and this one comes to life like an anime!
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Believe it or not, Tokyo grows coffee, and here’s where you can try a cup

It took 140 years and 1,000 kilometers to get this cup of Tokyo coffee to our table.

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Limited edition Tokyo Alfort cookies now available in sakura and matcha flavors at Tokyo Station!

For a limited time, one of Japan’s most popular snacks will be available in special Japanese flavors and featuring Tokyo landmarks etched in chocolate!

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This is what a 10,000-yen (US$92) Tokyo bento boxed lunch looks like【Taste test】

It’s more than 10 times more expensive than a typical bento, but is this Tokyo Station luxury worth the price?

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We visit Tokyo Station…outside of Tokyo

Travel off the beaten track to the capital’s little-known lookalike station.

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Entire shop of Cardcaptor Sakura anime merchandise to open in Tokyo this month

Mascot Kero-chan will even be on hand to greet fans as part of celebration of the anime magical girl’s return to TV.

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Tokyo Station reveals its 10 top-selling sweets for 2017

As 2017 begins to draw to a close, it’s time to look back at the year that was, and for Tokyo Station it was a year filled with glorious sweets.

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The five best bento boxed lunches sold at train stations in east Japan

Short on time to pick which bento to buy before your train leaves? Let us help you choose.

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Love your Suica card? Now you can eat it up, with Suica penguin chocolates

Charge your stomach with some candy after you charge your Suica card.

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Japanese photographer captures the beauty of Tokyo Station in breathtaking image

One of the busiest stations in the world looking deserted during rush hour.

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Navigate your way through Japan’s busiest train stations with Google Street View

Come with us as we take you through some of the interesting things you can discover inside one of the country’s most historic stations and the busiest train station in the world.

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Bandai opens beauty shop with Japanese anime cosmetics from popular franchises like Sailor Moon

Tokyo finally has an actual store filled with beauty and fashion goods aimed at anime-loving adults!

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The size of the emperor of Japan’s security detail is no joke 【Video】

Japan’s reigning monarch steps out into town with his wife and several dozen bodyguards and attendants.

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We know it’s hard, Super Mario fans, but please resist the urge to punch this Tokyo Station sign

Every day, thousands of commuters and tourists passing through Tokyo Station have to fight against decades’ worth of video game-developed conditioned responses.

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These beautiful flower arrangements are actually desserts from Tokyo Station

Whether you call it Bavarian cream or Bavarois, the classic dessert generally isn’t much to look at. Since traditional Bavarian cream itself is just a beige lump (being cream, after all), many chefs choose to drizzle a brightly colored fruit sauce on top of it. And while that definitively adds some much needed visual pizzazz, if you’re after a dessert that’s as captivatingly beautiful as it is mouth-wateringly tempting, this Tokyo pastry shop’s Bavarian cream that includes edible flowers is basically a work of art that you can eat.

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Tokyo Station lists departing train’s destination as…New York?!

Foreign visitors and residents who haven’t yet gotten far off the beaten path in Japan might not recognize all of the final destinations of trains that depart Tokyo Station. Some of the various lines that intersect at the rail hub lead to places like Takao, Choshi, and Kurihama, none of which are exactly world-famous (even if the last one does have an awesome Godzilla slide).

The other day, though, one of the platform displays at Tokyo Station announced a train destination plenty of non-Japanese passengers are familiar with: New York.

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Who’s afraid of the big Four-O? Not this Kitty!

About two months ago, we reported to you that 2014 was going to be a special year for Hello Kitty. That’s right, the busiest cat in the world will be hitting the big Four-O on November 1 this year. Lucky for her, she doesn’t have to worry about crow’s-feet or gray hairs — she just seems to become more popular and wiser (some would say more business-savvy) with age.

Now, when we heard that our favorite feline entrepreneur had started off the new year with a 40th anniversary sales event at Tokyo Station, we of course had to go and see what special goodies may be on offer. As it turns out, we weren’t disappointed, as there were plenty of goods to be seen and bought! Read More

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