Shop for exclusive Studio Ghibli museum goods at brand new online store.

Back when the pandemic first arrived in Japan in February last year, the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo’s Mitaka was one of the first big tourist sites to temporarily close its doors.

What was meant to be a three-week closure ended up being extended for half a year, and though the museum has since reopened, visitor numbers are down as many people continue to avoid travel and enclosed spaces.

Though fans may be putting off their visit at the moment, it doesn’t mean they don’t miss the museum, and now there’s finally a way to get a taste of the magical world of Ghibli at home, thanks to the opening of a brand new online store.

The store making its online debut is Mamma Aiuto, which is located on the top floor of the museum. For many fans, a stop at this store is one of the highlights of visiting the museum, as it sells some exclusive merchandise you can’t buy anywhere else.

▼ Studio Ghibli announced the opening online with a triumphant “‘Mamma Aiuto’ OPEN!”

Some of the goods available to purchase online include museum exclusives such as:

▼ Ghibli Museum Original Chopsticks for 2,640 yen (US$23.77)

▼ Stained Glass Postcards, from 660 yen.

▼ And Ghibli Museum Original Crest Cookies for 1,944 yen.

There are a whole heap of other goods available as well, including puzzles, wooden toys, tableware, plushies, stationery, and apparel, so be sure to check out the site if you’d like to get your hands on some very special Ghibli treasures.

At the moment, the online store only delivers within Japan, but overseas fans can always look into using a forwarding service to get the items delivered to their home countries. Hopefully soon they’ll be able to add overseas delivery options to their service, because now that the museum has revealed it’s operating in the red, it needs all the help it can get right now.

Source: Ghibli Museum Online Shop via Otakomu
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