It’s like medication for your gyudon cravings!

Shopping trips to the drug store usually involve things we need to buy rather than things we simply want to buy. You know, stuff like shampoo, cough drops, and prescription medicine to keep the infection from spreading where a zombie bit you while you were exploring that haunted house.

And really, what’s more of a life necessity than delicious beef bowls? Clearly nothing, which is why Yoshinoya now sells them inside Japanese drug store chain Welcia.

The service was quietly launched in the summer of 2020 at four Welcia branches in downtown Tokyo, including the one in the Akihabara neighborhood. As of October 1, though, it’s been greatly expanded, bringing the total number of Welcia drug stores in the Tokyo area selling Yoshinoya beef bowls up to nearly three dozen.

Welcia’s pharmacists won’t be pulling double duty mixing medications and cooking beef, however. Instead, the gyudon is prepared at the closest Yoshinoya branch, then shipped to the local Welcia locations, as shown in the diagram below.

▼ The containers are designed to keep the stewed beef separate from the rice until you pour it on just before eating, so that the grains don’t get soggy.

Currently, Yoshinoya beef bowls are available at Welcia branches in the Tokyo neighborhoods of Awajicho (including the Akihabara Station store), Kokubunji, Chofu, Nerima, Machida, Shinozaki, and Hokima, and the service is scheduled to be expanded to other areas for a total of 50 Welcia locations by year’s end.

Source: Yoshinoya via FNN Prime Online via Hachima Kiko
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Insert images: Wikipedia/JobanLineE531, Yoshinoya
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