Street Fighter Chun-Li now appearing on free prescription record notebooks at Japanese pharmacies

Strongest woman in the world wants you to be the healthiest person in Japan.

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Pharmacies in Japan now sell Yoshinoya beef bowls

It’s like medication for your gyudon cravings!

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We Got a Pill for That! Somewhere…

As a developing country, there’s a lot about India that people from other countries might find surprising (and, we can only assume, visa versa). But here’s one that is particularly surprising.

Whatever images you may have of the South Asian country, when you think of pharmacies, you would probably expect the type you’re familiar with. If you’re from the United States, it might be of neatly organized bottles, tacky Hallmark cards, and lots of white everything. If you’re from Japan, you might be imagining neatly organized bottles hidden away behind windows, uniformed employees, and way more herbal remedies. Well, here’s one Indian pharmacy that takes your neatly organized bottles and plays Jenga with them.

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