Rich chocolate cake becomes a luxury ice cream with a sweet message.

Here in Japan, Häagen-Dazs lovers are continually spoilt throughout the year with a number of seasonal, limited-edition, Japan-exclusive varieties that you can’t find anywhere else. Now, the luxury ice cream brand is taking our taste buds on a journey out of Japan and over to Austria for the colder months, with the release of the new Sachertorte ice cream bar. 

Needless to say, this was a unique ice cream we just had to try, so we headed out to the store as soon as they were released on 9 November to pick one up for a taste test.

Sachertorte is a classic Austrian chocolate cake, invented in the early 1800s in Vienna, that contains at least one thin layer of apricot jam. We were curious to see if this jammy apricot could be found inside the Häagen-Dazs ice cream bar, so we sliced through the crisp chocolate coating and took a peek at the cross-section.

▼ We were immediately impressed, because there, in between the outer chocolate casing and the inner one surrounding the ice cream, was a layer of apricot!

The layers replicated a real sachertorte to perfection, with the inner ice cream even mimicking the moist, rich texture of chocolate cake. The taste here was exemplary, with the tart yet sweet apricot component perfectly matching the deep and delightfully bitter flavour of chocolate in every bite.

What makes a good sachertorte is the harmonious balance between apricot jam, moist chocolate cake, and smooth chocolate coating, and that’s exactly what Häagen-Dazs has achieved here with this new ice cream. It’s like eating a sachertorte in ice cream form, although we’ve never seen any of them come with a cute surprise in the middle like this one did.

▼ The stick inside had a message for us: “Are you surprised? Out of the blue, sorry ★”

That was a surprise from out of the blue, but we certainly weren’t mad about it. In fact, it made us wonder if we might encounter different characters inside the ice cream if we bought more of them.

Well, there’s only one way to find out, so we’ll be stocking up on more of these while they’re available, which should be at least until December, as long as stocks last!

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