Yodobashi Camera

Tokyo’s Shinjuku Station’s west side: Quite possibly best spot in Japan for Pokémon GO

We can’t say definitively that it’s the best, but 12 shiny Eevees in three hours is hard to beat.

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【Lucky Bag Roundup 2018】Yodobashi Camera offers up a tablet box of techie dreams

Popular retail chain Yodobashi Camera sets the bar high with their “Tablet Computer Dreams i” New Year’s gift box. 

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President of Japan’s Yodobashi Camera buys real moon camera for just under a million dollars

The only camera to go to the moon and back has recently gone under the hammer at Galerie Westlicht in Vienna and was given to the highest bid of €660,000 (US$910,000) to one Terukazu Fujisawa, the president of Japanese electronics chain Yodobashi Camera.

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