Many are likening his look to Studio Ghibli’s Howl from Howl’s Moving Castle.

Back in 2016, Donald Trump’s son Barron went viral in Japan, where he was dubbed a bishonen (“beautiful boy”) idol.

Now, another famous son is making news for his bishonen status, and this time it’s 13-year-old Samuel Kai Schreiber. Kai, as he’s affectionately called by his parents, is the son of Hollywood actors Liev Schreiber and Naomi Watts, and younger brother to 14-year-old Alexander Pete Schreiber, who goes by the name “Sasha”.

While both brothers look alike, Kai has long, blonde locks which caught the attention of people in Japan recently. When this photo of Kai and Liev popped up on Twitter in Japan, it immediately went viral, with people agreeing with the original poster’s comment, which read:

“The issue of Liev Schreiber’s son being too beautiful.”

With over 130,000 likes and more than 14,000 retweets, Kai’s looks quickly became a hot topic, with people leaving comments like:

“Is this a Final Fantasy character?”
“He looks like Kurapika from Hunter x Hunter!”
“It feels like an anime character made into 3-D with AI!”
“A real bishonen!”
“I can only see Yurio from Yuri!!! On Ice.”

Judging by the comments on the original photo, the young Schreiber appears to look like more than one Japanese anime character.


“He looks like Vanguard G’s Shion Kiba.”

However, the majority of commenters likened him to a real-world Howl, from the 2004 Studio Ghibli film, Howl’s Moving Castle.

The photo of Kai and Liev that went viral in Japan was actually taken some years ago, at the 2017 Emmy Awards. At the time, the proud father shared photos on social media ahead of the ceremony, describing his son as “The very dapper and downright divine Kai Schreiber!!!” and thanking the people who helped them get ready behind the scenes.

A number of people in Japan wondered what Kai looks like now, four years or so after the photo at the Emmy’s was taken, so let’s find out shall we?

It looks like Kai (right in the photo above, taken last year) still has those long locks, which means he’s well placed to step into a live-action version of any of the anime or video games mentioned above.

With Ghibli’s Spirited Away now a live-action stage play, set to make its debut in Tokyo next month, who knows — there might very well be a role for Kai in a live-action Howl’s Moving Castle in future. And given the positive reaction to Kai as a 2-D character come to life, he might be just what the franchises need to ward off all the live-action haters.

Source: Twitter/@poisoncookie00 via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Studio Ghibli
Insert image: Studio Ghibli

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