Anime secrets hidden in the pockets of these shirts add flair to your streetwear.

As much as we love to wear our love for Studio Ghibli on our sleeve, we don’t always want it to be glaringly obvious and an affront to our fashion sensibilities. That’s where Ghibli’s American casual line GBL steps in, with styles that look cool while blending some of our favourite characters seamlessly with streetwear. 

Their latest release is even more subtle than usual, consisting of two T-shirts with pockets that don’t look that unusual from a distance.

Come a little closer, though, and you’ll begin to see some unusual details.

Peeking out of the pocket is something that a passerby might admire as the rays of the sun.

Inside, though, your secret is kept safe, because nobody but you will know you’re carrying a Levistone in your pocket!

Similarly, the black T-shirt simply looks like a trendy top with a cool embellishment on the pocket to passersby.

But up close, No Face reveals itself above the pocket…

…and on the pocket, its hands are filled with gold.

Inside is another surprise…

▼ …the gold-hungry frog, Aogaeru!

Both the Levistone and No Face Poke Shishuu T-shirts (“poke” stands for “pocket” while “shishuu” means “embroidery”) are made from 100-percent cotton and produced in association with Good On, a company known for its high quality T-shirts, made with a  spacial manufacturing method.

Priced at 10,450 yen (US$69.01) each, the T-shirts will be available in small through to extra large sizes at GBL stores in Tokyo and online from 30 March.

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