Spend a little ‘me-time’ surrounded by beautiful art!

Our Japanese-language reporter Yuko Sawano has recently been spending a lot of time by herself. Not because she’s lonely, but because she, like more and more people around Japan, has become a fan of staying at hotels by herself.

Heavy travel restrictions still being in place means international vacations are pretty much out of the question for Japanese residents, so domestic vacations have become the go-to way of enjoying a spot of travel. Part of the fun of travelling is looking up where to stay, and these days Yuko spends a lot of her time researching places to stay in Tokyo, so much so that she’s almost considering it a hobby.

One hotel Yuko recently came across is called KAIKA Tokyo by THE SHARE HOTELS. KAIKA Tokyo is unique as it functions as a storage facility for artwork as well as a hotel, and as a fan of both hotels and art, Yuko was immediately interested.

▼ KAIKA Tokyo is within walking distance of Asakusa Station and Kuramae Station.

Yuko booked the ‘Winter Stay Plan’, which is only available by booking via the website. The plan cost 9,600 yen (US$83.40) per night and included a late check-in (from 5 p.m.), drink tickets and breakfast.

The hotel exterior had a very minimalist, white colour scheme, but once Yuko set foot inside she was immediately transported to an art museum, full of patterns and colours.

▼ The hotel is covered in contemporary art pieces from up-and-coming artists.

Yuko made her way down to the basement of the hotel, where a lot of the art was stored. Was this really a hotel? It felt like a whole new world to her.

▼ Even though the art was technically ‘in storage’, it still felt like it was on display.

▼ The art that was stored varied in style.

Once she had checked out the basement ‘museum’, Yuko made her way to the lounge area. The mood lighting and the mysterious ambient music that was playing added serious stylish points.

▼ Yuko particularly liked these seats in the lounge, as they felt like a secret hideaway

As she sat in the atmospheric lounge, working on her laptop and sipping on tea made with a beautiful tea set, Yuko suddenly felt like a trendy Tokyoite, swimming in a sea of city chic. This was the height of sophistication!

▼ Even the bar looks like a work of art!

Still feeling like the most sophisticated woman in all of Tokyo, Yuko decided to check out her room.

As expected from a hotel/art museum, the rooms were compact yet stylish — perfect for someone as mondaine as Yuko.

▼ Yuko’s stylish bathroom

The Winter Stay Plan came with breakfast, and so after a good night’s sleep, Yuko started her day by making her way back to the lounge, ready to recapture some of that stylish essence she’d been imbued with the night before. The breakfast menu was a choice between temaki sushi (hand-rolled sushi) or a Croque Monsieur. Many hotels offer the choice between Western and Japanese breakfasts, but it’s very rare to see hand-rolled sushi on a breakfast menu, so Yuko decided to have it.

▼ The breakfast also included noodles, salad, anchovies, sausages and coffee.

Just looking at the meal made Yuko feel a little excited, and it was a great way to start the day. The noodles had a subtle but comforting flavour, and the grated carrot, egg and anchovy salad was delicious.

Check-out was at 10 a.m., so Yuko could only stay for a short time, but she had a great time nonetheless. Even if you’re not interested in art, Yuko recommends it as a unique and stylish way to spend the night in Tokyo. And for art fans, it’s a great opportunity to find new artists and artwork. The only potential downside to staying at the KAIKA Hotel is that there are no convenience stores nearby, so bring any drinks and snacks you might want with you beforehand. On the other hand, the location is in a nice, quiet neighbourhood with plenty of opportunities to go sightseeing in nearby Asakusa and Kuramae.

Yuko went for the Winter Stay Plan, but there are plenty of other plans available on the website, including cheaper rates for Tokyo residents and a plan for those wishing to stay for a longer period. And if you get a taste for travelling solo like Yuko has, there are plenty of other options for you to follow up your stay at KAIKA with, like this restaurant train.

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