You’ll definitely want to give some of these a try on your next culinary adventure to the city!

Part of the fun of traveling, along with seeing new and interesting places, is getting to try as many delicious dishes that the city has to offer. It’s no secret that Tokyo offers much in the way of culinary adventures, but if you’re planning a trip to the nation’s capital it can be overwhelming trying to decide which of the many thousands of restaurants you should try during your time there. Thankfully, there are websites like Trip Advisor, which allow fellow travelers (and foodies) to leave their reviews and impressions on restaurants they’ve tried themselves, which gives others the opportunity to narrow down their choices to only the best. Here is a list of the top 20 restaurants in the Tokyo metropolitan area, as they are ranked on Trip Advisor:

1. Ise Sueyoshi
A private restaurant in Tokyo’s Minato Ward, specializing in kaiseki ryori- traditional Japanese multi-course meals.

2. Ginza UKAI-TEI
A teppanyaki/wagyu steak restaurant which offers various lunch and dinner courses, starting at 7,020 yen (US$62.98).

A popular yakiniku (Korean barbecue) restaurant in Nerima Ward. Known for its good quality food and decent price.

Conveyor belt sushi restaurant with locations in Ikebukuro and Skytree Solamachi. Uses fresh seafood from Hokkaido. 

A traditional Japanese confectionery shop located in Tokyo’s Kita Ward.

Another restaurant located in Minato Ward, this one specializes in Chinese cuisine and offers both lunch and dinner courses.

7. Komakata Dozeu
Japanese cuisine prepared as it was in the Edo era nearly 200 years ago. Some offerings include weatherfish hot pots and “Edo sweet miso paste broth”.

8. Hinokizaka
Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Minato Ward, this fine dining restaurant offers “traditional, yet contemporary Japanese cuisine” in the form of kaiseki, sushi, tempura, and teppanyaki.

9. Sawanoien Seiryu Garden
Enjoy Japanese sake tasting and light dishes like oden and miso-konjac while relaxing in the natural riverside garden.

10. Oriental Lounge
At the Mandarin Oriental in Tokyo, this restaurant offers both Japanese and western breakfast options, an afternoon tea menu, and an extensive bar menu.

11. Elio Locanda Italiana
An Italian restaurant in Chiyoda Ward, serving fresh pastas, risotto, fish and meat dishes, and more, with lunch and dinner course meals available.

12. Les Saisons
A French restaurant at the Imperial Hotel in Chiyoda Ward. Offers continental or champagne breakfasts, three to five-plate lunch courses, and other seasonal lunch and dinner courses.

13. Marugo
This tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) restaurant was featured in the 2016 Tokyo Michelin guide.

14. Toraya Tokyo
A cafe and shop in the Tokyo Station Hotel, offering up a variety of traditional Japanese confectioneries.

15. Kurumu
A yakiniku restaurant in the heart of Tokyo’s Korean Town, popular for offering plenty of vegetable dishes along with the rest of their fare.

16. Suzukien
This green tea and sweets shop in Asakusa sells a variety of tea-flavored gelato.

17. Joël Robuchon Restaurant
A high-end restaurant in Ebisu owned by world-renowned French chef Joël Robuchon. Includes a vegetarian course option.

18. Tonki
Located near Meguro Station, this restaurant offers tonkatsu pork cutlets, Japanese sake, and great service.

19. à tes souhaits!
A French confectionery in Musashino City, Tokyo, offering a variety of cakes, puddings, and other sweets.

In Roppongi Hills, an Italian restaurant which uses mozzarella imported from Italy, made from 100-percent water buffalo milk.

There’s a little something for everyone on this list, so be sure to give some a try on your next trip to Tokyo!

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