Prince of Tennis pair shows off mesmerizing motions.

Japanese Twitter user @hituzi_h’s birthday was this month. Since she’s a big fan of The Prince of Tennis, her husband, being a thoughtful guy, wanted to give her a present related to the popular anime/manga sports franchise.

But rather than just swing by Akihabara or go online and buy her some pre-packaged character merch, @hituzi_h’s husband decided to give her something he made himself, which brings us to this plastic standee of character Akira Kamio.

But wait, Kamio is in different poses in the above two photos. How did that happen?

Like this.

Not only is the Kamio standee @hituzi_h’s husband crafted for her motorized, he’s even got a doubles partner, in the form of fellow Prince of Tennis athlete Kaoru Kaido.

“I’m gonna be in the rhythm this year!” tweets @hituzi_h, adapting Kamio’s famous line in celebration of her birthday. Making the whole setup extra cool is that their movements are solar powered, as shown in these work-in-progress photos with their solar panels visible.

@hituzi_h’s birthday present has made her the envy of fellow fans and also the benefactor of anyone in need of a good laugh, as the cleverly quirky idea has caused reactions such as:

“I could watch this all day.”
“I’m on the train right now, but I busted up laughing watching them.”
“I lost it at how Kaido is just quietly chilling in the back.”
“I think Kamio is going to throw out his back dancing around like that.”
“I’m surprised no one’s thought to sell official merch like this.”

Speaking of Kamio’s speedy swaying, in a follow-up tweet, @hituzi_h explained that sometimes his energy needs outstrip the output of his solar panel, and he occasionally needs a few moments to recharge if something blocks the source of light, as demonstrated here.

Kaido, on the other hand, has no such problems. Some might call this imbalance a design flaw, but within the world of Prince of Tennis, Kaido is known for his legendary stamina, while Kamio has a reputation for tiring himself out by moving around too much on the court, so really, it’s all accurate to the source material.

Images: Twitter/@hituzi_h
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