Prince of Tennis

Anime fan’s husband builds an awesomely hilarious birthday present for her【Video】

Prince of Tennis pair shows off mesmerizing motions.

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Naomi Osaka responds to controversial Nissin anime ad that portrayed her with pale skin【Video】

Tennis star makes first comment regarding Cup Noodle ad that’s drawn accusations of whitewashing.

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Cup Noodle maker apologizes for pale-skinned depiction of Naomi Osaka in anime ad【Video】

Half-Haitian, half-Japanese tennis star’s real-world complexion is far darker than how she appears as Prince of Tennis character.

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Anime/manga fans flood publisher’s office with Valentine’s Day presents for 2-D crushes

Popular series’ title refers to a prince, but he’s also the king of Valentine’s Day chocolate.

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Fans of hit sports manga bury creator’s office with Valentine’s chocolate for its characters

The comic’s handsome men might not have such slender, athletic builds if they actually ate all those sweets.

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Cosplay in your underwear with anime-inspired lingerie made to order in Japan

Customised lingerie service offers a range of options which are a perfect match for some of the anime world’s most popular characters.

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Love-all: Prince of Tennis jackets are a real winner

There are plenty of sports manga and anime whose fictional teams’ paraphernalia can be purchased in the real world. The teams might be fictional, but our love for them is as real as that which we may have for any flesh-and-blood sports team, and if you’re a Prince of Tennis fan the good news is that you’re about the get the chance to subtly express your meta fandom by wearing one of these brand new jackets inspired by the clothing seen in the show!

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Can you spot this art mistake that turns sports anime Prince of Tennis into a horror story?

For many who grew up watching western cartoons on TV, their first experience with anime can make the world of Japanese animation seem impossibly dynamic and artistic. But while anime usually boasts more complex designs, varied perspectives, and generally more polished visuals than its western counterpart, it’s not like Japanese animation is a purely artistic endeavor. As with any other commercial product, the final quality of the project is limited by time and budget constraints.

In other words, sometimes mistakes turn up in the art, like this subtle yet chilling gaffe one Prince of Tennis fan spotted.

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How sweet! Fans send 8,000 boxes of Valentine’s Day chocolate to one anime character

Unlike in the West, in Japan it’s primarily girls who hand out gifts of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Although the most common pattern is for a woman to give sweets to her boyfriend or secret crush, the holiday’s scope has been expanded to include relatives, coworkers, or any guy whose kindness she feels indebted to, regardless of whether there’s any romantic sentiment involved or not.

In recent years, the recipient doesn’t even have to be a real person, as this giant haul of Valentine’s Day chocolate for a single anime character proves.

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