If you’re taking a trip, Pikachu and some of his pals want to tag along.

At its heart, Pokémon is a series about setting off on a journey to new, exciting places. You can’t catch ‘em all from within Poké Ball-throwing distance of your living room sofa, so if you’ve got the heart of a Pokémon Master, odds are you’ve got a taste for travel too.

So the next time your real-world wanderlust takes you far afield, a couple of the Pokédex’s brightest stars will be ready to keep you company, thanks to a new line of Pokémon travel gear.

Starting off the lineup is a series of transformable travel pillows, or 3-Way Neck Pillows as Japanese retailer Village Vanguard, who’s offering the collection, calls them. Offered in Pikachu, Snorlax, and Slowpoke versions, they can be configured as round Poké Ball cushions, cuddly characters…

or cozy, supportive neck pillows to help you get some solid shuteye on long airplane, train, or bus rides, perhaps to or across Japan if you’re headed to the franchise’s home country to check out some of its awesome Pokémon related attractions and events.

▼ A few simple folds is all it takes to go from one form to another.

Of course, neck support isn’t the only thing necessary for sound sleep, so the same three relaxing Pokémon are also featured on soft eye masks.

These are designed with a Velcro-style strap so that you can easily put the mask on or remove it without having to mess up your hair, just in case you’re going to be hitting the sightseeing spots before the hotel once you arrive at your destination.

Assuming you’re taking more on your trip with you than just a pillow and eye mask, Village Vanguard also has carry-on-size tote bags decked out with Pikachu and Eevee evolution artwork.

What makes these really handy, though, is that as spacious as they are, the tote bags can fold up compactly enough to fit into included zippered pouches, so they’re a great option if you have a hunch that you’ll be acquiring enough souvenirs on your trip that you’ll need some extra luggage space heading home.

Also part of the lineup are Pikachu and Eevee evolution suitcase bands, so you’ll be able to quickly tell your luggage apart from other travelers’…

travel wallets, for storing currencies and travel documents…

…and hair iron pouches, with button-closing straps for hanging on a hotel towel rack…

The three-way travel pillows and carry-on totes/pouches are priced at 4,950 yen (US$34), as are the carry-on , the eye masks 2,420, the suitcase bands 3,080, the travel wallets 2,420, and the hair iron pouches 3,300 yen. The entire lineup is available through Village Vanguard’s online shop here.

Source: PR Times
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