Pokémon plushie pal’s productivity parameters are suspect, but his cuteness can’t be denied.

If you were choosing a Pokémon to have as a coworker or study buddy, based solely on his name Slowpoke might not seem like the wisest pick. With a name that literally describes someone who’s incapable of getting things done in a timely manner, it doesn’t seem like he’d be much help in finishing your assignments before their due dates.

However, in the Pokémon franchise’s native Japan, Slowpoke is known as Yadon, a subtle reworking of doya, the Japanese word for a self-satisfied, but not particularly intellectual, look on someone’s face. Slowpoke’s dopey but unflappable smile fits the bill, and while some of that confidence might be unwarranted, you’ve got to admit he’d be a great morale booster to have around at crunch time.

That companionship is exactly what’s offered in the new Slowpoke PC cushion. Bundled with the 50-centimeter (19.7-inch) plushie that sits on your laps to support your wrists and forearms is a cushiony for-Slowpoke keyboard, which you can remove and use on its own as well.

▼ The keyboard pad features different artwork on each side (and yes, we’re tempted to refer to the space bar as the “Yadon bar” in all our computer-related conversations from now on).

When you’re between projects, you can also leave Slowpoke at your desk as a decoration.

▼ Maybe he’s writing a speech for the next step in his surprisingly successful political career?

▼ Lunch break, possibly featuring some Pikachu noodle toppings for that bowl of udon

Visually, the cushion is a faithful recreation of the Slowpoke character. However, please be advised that while the PC cushion’s tail is as cute to look at as it is in the source material, it’s not deliciously flavored, so you’re better off not trying to taste it.

Of course, given his easy-going personality, Slowpoke is also down to keep you company as you read books…

…check out SoraNews24’s latest articles on your phone…

…or just unwind with a cuddle session at the end of the day.

The Slowpoke PC cushion is being offered through Premium Bandai here, priced at 5,720 yen (US$53), with shipping scheduled for November. Oh, and if your Pokémon preferences lie elsewhere, don’t forget that there are also Pikachu and Eevee PC cushions, plus Lapras sofas and Snorlax beds if you’re ready to turn off your computer and relax.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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