In the words of one Twitter user, “WTF IS GOING ON”?

As tensions heighten between Ukraine and Russia, people are looking to diplomatic representatives from these countries to get some firsthand views on what’s happening in the region.

Ukraine’s highest representative in Japan, Ambassador Sergiy Korsunsky, recently made his views clear with a photo on his Twitter account…that showed him dressed in the armour of a samurai warrior.

▼ The photo came with the message: “We know what we are fighting for. How about Russia?”

The message is particularly poignant as the ambassador’s daughter and granddaughter are pictured in a photo behind him, suggesting that family and future generations are a big part of what he and his country are fighting for.

The photo got an immediate reaction online, with the ambassador’s tweet earning over 10,000 likes and 2,600 retweets. It also elicited a range of reactions from people in Japan and overseas, with commenters from Japan saying:

“Your Excellency, you look so cool!”
“I support Ukraine!”
“That look suits you so much!”
“Please proceed peacefully.”
“That armour is really gallant.”

People overseas left comments like:

“A real warrior, awesome.”
“Samurai Forever.”
“This man’s got the power of god and anime on his side.”
“Japan always wins with style! Peace for Ukraine.”
“Samurai Cossacks. An entire new fantasy setting is born.”
“Fighting Russia with honour, cooperation and memes. They don’t stand a chance.”
“If Putin backs off it will be because of this and for no other reason.”

The comment that received the most attention, however, was this one, which suggested a special helmet design for the ambassador, complete with Ukrainian details and flourishes.

59-year-old Korsunsky has been working for the Ukrainian government for several decades, with postings in Israel, the U.S. and Turkey before landing the role as Ambassador to Japan in 2020.

His samurai armour tweet has given people in Japan, and around the world, an insight into the emotions that are running high amongst Ukrainians at the moment. And on a lighter note, he may have just toppled the Georgian Ambassador from his spot as the country’s most viral Twitter diplomat.

Whether he has the power to budge Vladimir Putin from his famous position in Japan, though, well — only time will tell.

Source: Twitter/@KorsunskySergiy
Top image: Twitter/@KorsunskySergiy
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