A can of joe keeps Georgia on their minds.

A treat fairly unique to Japan is the vast array of canned coffee sold in vending machines, convenience stores, and supermarkets everywhere. Available in hot or cold and a spectrum of favors and sizes, they can provide the perfect pick-me-up for people on the go.

One of the leading brands of this coffee is Georgia, of which there are many varieties but probably the most well-known is their Emerald Mountain Blend flavor that’s a no-nonsense cream-and-sugar affair, delivering the straight coffee experience.

Emerald Mountain is loved by thousands of Japanese people, and as luck would have it, even nationals of the European country Georgia has come to embrace it, as evidenced by the following tweet from Teimuraz Lezhava of the Georgian Embassy in Tokyo.

“After work drinking Georgia Coffee with members of the Georgian Embassy and thinking about our Georgian hometowns which we haven’t returned to in a while.”

Like much of the world, it seems that these diplomats have been unable to travel far due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are longing for a taste of home. While it’s not exactly the “taste” they were looking for, Georgia Coffee probably helped a bit. Perhaps the image of a snow-capped rocky mountain like one might find in Georgia did the trick.

The whole scene is touching enough that I wouldn’t have the heart to tell them that the name is actually based on the American state of Georgia, where the brand’s distributor Coca-Cola is headquartered. But as luck would have it, this happened on Twitter where there is no shortage of people who did have the heart to tell them among the many other comments that the tweet generated.

“Georgia is named after the U.S. state of Georgia because Coca-Cola is based there.”
“You guys should try Georgia Max.”
“I like how everyone is holding the can so the logo faces the camera, very professional!”
“They look like Jedi knights.”
“Imagine walking out of the convenience store and seeing that.”
“Someone should give these guys a commercial offer.”
“It’s like they just got beamed in from a distant land and time.”
“What are those tubes on their chest?”

The Georgian Embassy’s mascot Zaza the Lion stepped in to answer that last question about the tubes.

▼ “A long time ago there was gunpowder in those so they could carry a lot on their chest and load it into their guns quickly! Of course, it doesn’t have gunpowder any more, but it’s still cool!”

Thanks Zaza! Well, we certainly learned a lot about the country of Georgia and canned coffee today, and considering this is the second time Lezhava has made big waves in Japan with his tweeting, it probably won’t be the last time.

Source: Twitter/@TeimurazLezhava
Top image: Twitter/@TeimurazLezhava
Insert image: ©SoraNews24
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