Japanese ambassador stayed in Ukraine to fight in his grandfather’s samurai armour? No, not true

Fake news story goes viral around the world, but the real story behind it is just as compelling.

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Ukrainian Ambassador to Japan dresses as samurai in show of strength against Russia

In the words of one Twitter user, “WTF IS GOING ON”?

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We build miniature Japanese samurai warrior armour out of metal

This palm-sized warrior tries our patience in all sorts of ways.

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Samurai face mask covers are here to serve during the pandemic

Channel a samurai from the Warring States Period, when masks were worn to protect the face from swords and arrows.

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New capsule toy collection features military commander samurai armour from the Sengoku Period

Historically accurate replicas of samurai helmets and armour will soon be coming to vending machines at castles around the country.

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Protect your drinks with Samurai armour bottle covers

Have you ever visited a museum in Japan and found it hard to tear yourself away from the samurai exhibits, wanting desperately to reach past the “don’t touch” sign to prod the delicate folds of metal armour and the faded material with stains from a bloody war?

Well now there’s a range of samurai armour you can take home with you, and despite their petite size, they’re actually faithful recreations of suits worn by famous warriors in Japanese history.

Certified by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a “Wonder 500” product, awarded to 500 of Japan’s finest goods, foods and travel experiences, this unique range of warrior suits can either dress up your figurines or safeguard your favourite bottle of sake, wine or shochu.

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