Looks better, tastes better, and it’s easier to make too.

Potato salad is a staple of Japanese home cooking. The exact ratios may vary from family to family, but the standard recipe uses potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, ham, and mayo, and what it lacks in surprises it makes up for by being one of the nation’s most comforting of comfort foods.

And yet, after getting married Japanese Twitter user @KiraMilky was extremely startled the first time she saw how her husband’s parents made their potato salad. It wasn’t a secret ingredient or seasoning that makes it special though, but literally how they put it together.

▼ “My husband’s parents’ potato salad is so innovative.”

Rather than chopping up all the ingredients into a collective semi-solid state, @KiraMilky’s in-laws save the ham until the very end, then use the full slices as wrappers for mouthfuls of potato salad. Not only does this give the dish an extra-meaty deliciousness, it’s easier on the chef, too, since there’s no need to slice the ham into smaller pieces than those it already comes in. It also makes it easier to eat, she says, since the uniform outer layer of the full ham slices is easier to grip with chopsticks, and in a pinch you could probably eat it as finger food.

Other Twitter users were impressed with this unexpected twist on an old favorite, giving @KiraMilky over 300,000 likes along with comments such as:

“I’ve never seen ham salad like this before!”
“This looks great for people who like their potato salad extra meaty!”
“Definitely going to make my next batch of potato salad like this.”

It turns out, though, that @KiraMilky’s in-laws aren’t the only ones to make their potato salad like this, as other commenters chimed in with:

“My husband’s family does this too!”
“When I was a kid, my mom used to put potato salad wraps like that in my bento boxed lunch.”
“In my house, if we have leftover potato salad we do it up like this on the second day. Sometimes we even fry them, and they taste great!”

▼ One commenter even shared their version using roast beef instead of ham.

The idea looks like it’d also be handy when cooking for parties and potlucks, since it makes it easier to prepare and dole out individual servings, as opposed to just whipping up a big bowl of potato salad and hoping it’s enough.

So thanks, for the tip, @KiraMilky and @KiraMilky’s husband’s parents! Now we’ve got better ways to make potato salad and ham sandwiches.

Source: Twitter/@KiraMilky
Top image: Pakutaso (edited by SoraNews24)
Insert images: Twitter/@KiraMilky
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