Accelerator down and volume up as MF Ghost pulls up with a new teaser and familiar sound.

Since 2016, there’s been a Trueno-shaped hole in the heart of otaku who love cars, as well as gearheads who enjoy animation, since 2016. That’s when the final Initial D anime content was released (barring a few very cool Toyota ads), bringing an end to the most popular and influential car racing series of the modern era. The end of the Initial D manga came even earlier, in 2013. However, in 2017 creator Shuichi Shigeno began drawing MF Ghost, a sequel series in which the torch is passed from Initial D’s drivers to a new generation of mountain pass racers, and in January an  anime adaptation was announced with a teaser video showing off fast cars and hairpin curves.

However, some fans may have felt uneasy, as one incredibly important element of the shared setting of MF Ghost and Initial D was missing from the January video. Thankfully, it’s been dutifully included in a new preview which was just released this week.

Yes, the Eurobeat is back.

▼ You’ll want your speakers on for this.

In terms of visual design, there’s not all that much going on in the new preview that we didn’t also see in the first. The camera still spends most of its time on protagonist Kanata Livington’s Toyota 86. The big news here, though, is the unabashed use of pounding dance music, echoing the soundtrack style the Initial D anime ran with all the way from its start in 1995.

MF Ghost’s producers know fans have been hoping for this, as the new preview video is officially titled “TV Anime MF Ghost Preview Video #2-Eurobeat Edit.”

That doesn’t mean that MF Ghost is going to be a carbon (fiber) copy of Initial D, though. As shown in the video, Kanata is competing in officially sanctioned races on closed mountain pass courses, complete with live mass-media broadcasts, as opposed to the technically illegal, held-in-the-middle-of-the-night battles of Initial D. Kanata also looks to be competing primarily against high-end European sports cars, as opposed to the tuned JDM machines that Initial D main character Takumi and his rivals drove.

But while change can be scary, fans leaving comments for the new Eurobeat-infused video are happy for the familiar sounds.

“The sensation of speed from this Eurobeat has me so amped!”
“Yes yes! THIS! Gotta have that Eurobeat! The exhaust sounds are awesome too.”
“I knew it! They’re giving MF Ghost the Eurobeat too! This is gonna be awesome.”
“Honestly, I wasn’t all that sold on the first preview video, but now, I’ve got seriously high hopes for this series.”
“I just want to express my sincere gratitude to the producers for sticking with Eurobeat even in this day and age.”

▼ Everyone is so excited about the Eurobeat that no one has mentioned that the new video is the first to show Kanata in anime form.

▼ The Eurobeat-less initial preview video for MF Ghost

MF Ghost is scheduled to start airing on Japanese TV sometime in 2023.

Source, images: YouTube/avex pictures
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