Once again, Anya steals the show.

Anime/manga Spy x Family is a story about hidden motives and secret powers, what with its focus on spy Loid Forger and the false marriage he enters into with Yor Briar (secretly an assassin) and their adopted daughter Anya (who secretly has the power to read people’s minds). While the three of them spend their days navigating that intricate web of deceptions, the cat is out of the bag that Spy x Family is a uniquely endearing and entertaining series, especially following the premiere of the anime adaptation last month.

So for those of you who aren’t even attempting to keep your status as a fan of the series a secret, there’s a lineup of Spy x Family T-shirts on the way from Uniqlo!

Starting things off is this family portrait-style design featuring the three members of the unlikely household.

If minty green isn’t a stealthy enough color for your tastes, there’s also this front-and-back design so that you can broadcast your fandom whether you’re coming or going.

Also a double-sided design is the shirt in which Anya goes it alone.

This one is by far the most subtle design on the lineup, at least until you take a closer look at the pocket, decorated with the “elegant” and “not elegant” badges of the elite Eden Academy that Anya attends

…and see that Anya herself is inside, wearing the trying-to-look-cheerfully-unfazed-but-actually-it’s-terrifying smile that she plasters on her face when dealing with a group of bullies during her first day of school.

And on the other end of the subtly spectrum, there’s this tee showing Loid in silhouette and the series’ title in large text with maximum contrast against the white fabric.

The collection goes on sale in early June, when orders can be placed through Uniqlo’s website here. They’re each priced at 1,500 yen (US$12), making them affordable enough for fans to also fit a few packs of Spy x Family chewing gum into their budget (just make sure you know exactly what you’re buying, though).

Source, images: Uniqlo
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