Awesome Princess Mononoke denim and Spirited Away Yokosuka jackets join extra-kawaii Totoro at Harajuku Collective pop-up store.

There’s a pretty large crossover between Hot Topic shoppers and anime fans, as evidenced by how many items the fashion retailer sells that feature Japanese animation characters and motifs. At least, there’s a pretty large crossover among Hot Topic shoppers and anime fans in the U.S., because here in Japan, Hot Topic doesn’t have any stores.

That’s about to change, in a manner of speaking, though, with the opening of a store next month in Tokyo that’s part of a creative partnership between Hot Topic and none other than Studio Ghibli.

The Harajuku Collective collaboration is pairing up the anime of Studio Ghibli with a multitude of designers to create an array of apparel and accessories. The Harajuku Collective pop-up store will be located in, naturally, Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku neighborhood.

The shop will carry a partial selection of the line’s designed-in-America items, such as those pictured directly above. In addition, though, it’ll also be offering Japan-exclusive items from a group of nine Japanese designers, artists, and fashion brands, like this denim Princess Mononoke jacket from painter Nancysnake…

…this Spirited Away No Face Yokosuka jacket from illustrator BEY…

…and this rather romantic long-sleeved T-shirt designed by actor/model Yutaro.

In total the pop-up store will have over 50 items, including shirts, jackets, dresses, leggings, and bags. The complete list of collaborators for the Japan-original items consists of Nancysnake, BEY, Yutaro, Kawaii Monster Cafe, vocal group Atarashii Gakko no Leaders, and illustrators ABEchan, asuka, Shoko Nagamine, and mecco.

In addition to decorative artwork, the shop’s interior will feature a large Totoro standee, which Harajuku Collective says was created from the very specific musing “If there were colorful, kawaii mushrooms in Totoro’s forest, and it started raining acorns, there’s probably be days when he used one of those mushrooms as an umbrella, right?”

▼ We’ve gotta admit, it does sound like something Totoro would do.

▼ And yes, that Totoro design, from Kawaii Monster Cafe, is also available on a T-shirt.

The Harajuku Collective pop-up store will be open from August 10 to 28, and items will also be available through its yet-to-launch online shop here. Odds are items will be selling out quickly, though, so you might want to make yourself a reminder of the date with the free-to-use Howl’s Moving Castle bulletin board illustration Studio Ghibli has given to fans as a present.

Shop information
Harajuku Collective pop-up store
Located at: AF Gallery
Address: Tokyo-to, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 3-21-8
Open aa 1.m.-7 p.m.
Runs August 10-28

Source: PR Times
Top image: PR Times
Insert images: Press release, PR Times
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