We’re not sure if we want to ride it or eat it, but we do know that we love it.

When you think of a macron, odds are the first image that comes to mind is a thick round disc, kind of like those heavy stones they use in curling matches. But as long as you’ve got the proper parts, a cream filling sandwiched between almond flour wafers, shouldn’t you be able to make a macaron in any shape you want?

That seems to be the philosophy of Japanese sweets chef and Twitter user Manna-Tanuki (@maaco414), who recently shared proof of what, we now realize, is really the optimal shape for a macaron: characters from My Neighbor Totoro.

If, like us, you always have thought of Studio Ghibli anime running in the background of your conscious thoughts, you’ll quickly recognize that the cookie batter Manna-Tanuki is whipping up matches the color scheme of the Catbus.

After baking the parts needed for the basic Catbus shape, Manna-Tanuki then starts adding icing details.

The bottom wafer is simpler, as it’s just one solid piece that serves as a foundation for the cream…

…which the assembled top plate gets added to.

Of course you can’t have a Catbus without some Catbus passengers too, can you?

Once they’re all done and detailed, we can see that going for a ride on the Catbus today are some Soot Sprites

…and the full three-size cast of Totoros!

▼ We may not know where they’re going, but we are absolutely certain we want to come along.

▼ The making-of video for Manna-Tanuki’s Catbus macaron

As is so often the case with amazingly artistic and adorable sweets, Twitter commenters were conflicted as to whether this qualifies as “too delicious-looking to resist” or “too cute to eat.”

“Whoa, that looks soooo tasty!”
“I want to eat this so bad.”
“But it’s so cute that eating it would feel like a waste.”
“Thank you for the feast for the eyes.”
“If someone made this for me, I think it’d keep me happy for the next 10 years.”

Manna-Tanuki doesn’t mention whether or not someone did end up eating the Catbus macaron, but even if it ended up in a Ghibli fan’s stomach, we’ll always have the video, just like we still have videos of her Kirby marshmallows…

…and One Piece Devil Fruit.

▼ Why buy your Devil Fruit when you can make your own?

Unfortunately, we don’t personally have the skills to make macarons with Manna-Tanuki’s level of precision and panache, but maybe something similar will show up when the Ghibli theme park opens in Japan later this year.

Source: Twitter/@maaco414 via IT Media
Images: Twitter/@maaco414
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