”In the name of moon-viewing, it’s delicious!”

Autumn is the traditional season for tsukimi, or moon-viewing, parties in Japan, and tsukimi can also refer to adding a fried or soft-boiled egg to a dish (because of how the egg resembles a full moon. Now just about every major fast food chain in Japan releases some sort of tsukimi sandwich in September, and they’re all trying to add a little something extra to get an edge on their rivals. KFC Japan, for example, has a Japanese-style chicken katsu tsukimi sandwich, while McDonald’s Japan is serving up a sukiyaki tsukimi hamburger.

Now it’s Mos Burger’s turn to join the tsukimi battle, and it’s recruiting the help of some anime star power…or maybe we should call it lunar power, since its new tsukimi sandwich is endorsed by none other than Sailor Moon!

Surprisingly, though, Mos Burger’s tsukimi sandwich isn’t a tsukimi burger, but a Tsukimi Focaccia sausage sandwich. Inside the bread is a “crescent moon-shaped sausage” seasoned with hickory barbecue sauce and accompanied by shredded cabbage and a tsukimi-compliant soft-boiled egg.

Sailor Moon even shows up in the sandwich’s commercial, with voice actress Kotono Mitsuishi reprising her role as the iconic magical girl and putting a twist on her famous line “Tsuki ni kawatte, oshioki yo!” (“In the name of the moon, I’ll punish you!”), changing it to “Tsukimi ni kawatte, oishi yo!” (“In the name of moon-viewing, it’s delicious!”).

▼ You don’t have to do the Sailor Moon finger gesture thing when you eat the Tsukimi Focaccia, but you will, naturally want to.

Sailor Moon’s/Mitsuishi’s full narration says:

“In the name of moon viewing, it’s delicious! A crescent moon-shaped sausage meets with a melty egg. It’s a moonlight romance!”

The Tsukimi Focaccia is priced at 520 yen (US$3.70) by itself, or as part of a set with an edamame corn fry side and soft drink for 850 yen. It goes on sale September 14 and will be sticking around until mid-November.

Source: PR Times (1, 2)
Images: PR Times
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