A thinly veiled jab at Japan’s seasonal fast food traditions.

With September now upon us, all the big-name fast food chains are releasing special items to celebrate the early autumn tradition of moon viewing, or “tsukimi” as it’s known in Japanese. KFC, for example, released their limited-edition range on 30 August, while McDonald’s is set to release theirs on 6 September, followed by Lotteria, Wendy’s and First Kitchen on 7 September and Mos Burger on 13 September.

You might’ve noticed one big name missing from that list — Burger King. While that might sound surprising, we’ve become used to this company turning its nose up at its competitors in Japan. While all the other fast food chains attempt to outdo each other by adding fried eggs to their menus — “tsukimi” is the word commonly used for dishes that contain fried eggs, given their resemblance to the moon — Burger King is walking to the beat of its own drum, as you won’t find eggs on any special burgers there right now.

▼ It’s a choice they’re not shying away from either, with posters of the moon outside their branches branded with the statement, “We forgot to buy eggs again“.

▼ In Japanese: “Mata tamago kau no wasurechatta“.

This tongue-in-cheek statement is Burger King’s way of telling the world it’s bucking tsukimi traditions, just as it has in previous years. That doesn’t mean it won’t be celebrating autumn, though, as the message goes on to read:

“As we welcome autumn, the time for seasonal burgers has arrived. However, we weren’t able to procure eggs again this year… So we’ll be delivering autumn burgers in our own unique style.”

While posters like this have been known to contain hidden messages in the past, this time around there appears to be no cryptic code in the first and last letters of each line that calls out the competition .

▼ Instead, the mystery lies on the very last line, which reads “Due to go on sale Friday 8 September“.

So it looks like Burger King will be releasing a special autumn burger after all. However, given that they haven’t bought any eggs, it won’t be like any other burger on the market right now. So…what kind of burger might it be? Well, judging by the burger they released around this time last year, it could be anything.

Whether or not they’ll be welcoming autumn with another beastly burger this year is yet to be revealed, but we’ll soon find out what they have in store for us in just a few days. Whatever it is, we’ll be there to try it…as long as it’s not another One Pounder, because those things really are beastly!

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