Japan’s Sailor Moon moon-viewing sandwich returns to Mos Burger, but does it taste the same?

Japanese burger chain reinterprets the moon in its own unique way. 

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Eating Japan’s Sailor Moon moon-viewing sausage sandwich【Taste test】

Usagi Tsukino recommends this tsukimi sandwich from Mos Burger, but is it a miracle romance in your mouth?

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Sailor Moon sausage sandwiches appear at Mos Burger in time for Japan’s moon-viewing season

”In the name of moon-viewing, it’s delicious!”

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When one wiener just won’t do — Mr. Sato has a sausage party with this huge wiener bento box

Mr. Sato tucks into an “overly sausage-y” lunch box with sixteen wieners crammed inside.

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Rice cooker cooking: Bacon onion rice is amazingly easy, awesomely delicious

Japanese Twitter chefs fall in love with a hassle-free way to make an entire meal with only about a minute of work.

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McDonald’s Japan apologizes for “tooth-like” fragments found in Sausage Egg McMuffin

It’s unclear what the foreign matter is as of yet, but the company isn’t taking any chances with how they handle the situation.

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Sausage Gloves combine high tech, high fashion, high cuisine, even high environmental awareness

For those living in colder climates using a smartphone creates a major dilemma. We want to check our messages but wearing gloves often renders our touch screens useless. Sure, there are specialized smartphone compatible gloves, but going that way severely limits your choices of style and color.

Driven to the edge with this problem, Yoshiaki Owari of the Daily Portal Z came up with a groundbreaking way to keep your hands warm, stylish, and functional. In addition, you’re left with a tasty dish at the end of the day when you use Sausage Gloves!

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