Hey, do you like animal butts? What am I saying, of course you do! Unfortunately, animals are wily and occasionally dangerous making it hard to get your hands on their rear ends.

That’s why (we guess) Tenyu has released Oppoppo, a collection of six animal butt simulation devices that are portable and can easily attach to your gym bag, key chain, or belt buckle!

By now you must be thinking, “Hey that’s just some fabric! How am I supposed to get the full experience of an animal butt’s undulations?” Well, Tenyu has thought of that. Simply pull the cord located at the top of the butt and enjoy the good vibrations of your favorite animal.

There are six to choose from including Japan’s favorite butt, the Shiba Inu.

Always wanted to touch a tiger’s tuchus but were afraid of the consequences? Why not try a Tiger Oppoppo?

If that’s too exotic for you there’s also a basic Cat model.

Forget the feet! Get yourself some real luck with jiggly Rabbit’s buttocks.

Boast to all your friends that you just felt up a babe’s butt. Babe the Pig that is!

And of course, what animal butt collection would be complete without the most famous behind of them all: a Baboon’s.

You can purchase any or all of these through Tenyu’s Rakuten shopping page for 714 yen (US$7) each. According to the product’s description they’re great for animal lovers which we think just means animal enthusiasts.

Internet reaction to the Oppoppos was mixed with some saying, “Cute!” “I want the Shiba Inu!” and “I wish they made a fox one with a fluffy tail.” Others complained that the shape of the butts seemed too “human” or  that they looked more like another part of the male anatomy. There was also an equally large group online who simply commented, “What the hell is this?”

Source: Rakuten via Hachima Kiko (Japanese)

▼ They also come with an extra strap for a total of 12cm in length. That way everyone will know what you’re into!