I like pan-da butts and I cannot lie.

There’s an expression in Japanese “kyakuyose panda” that loosely translates to “customer magnet panda.”

It refers to a particular attraction or item that is a huge draw for a shop or other business, such as those Demon Slayer popcorn boxes at Universal Studios Japan, based on how zoos that care for “pandas” can pull in especially large attendance.

So, pandas are generally considered a lock when it comes to selling things in Japan, and showing just how true that is, we now have the release of Atsumare! Panda no Oshiri: Panketsu, a 64-page tome devoted entirely to panda butts.

Panketsu was originally released on 7 December, 2021, but has already sold out and a second run was urgently printed to keep up with the public’s voracious appetite for panda booty.

And when it comes to tochuses, this book is fully loaded, featuring thirteen pandas that reside in Japanese zoos. Even the buttocks of Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei, the highly anticipated twins born last year at Ueno Zoo, can be seen here.

The book invites readers to soothe their troubled minds by staring into the fluffy keisters of these roly-poly beasts, and in doing so observe the subtle differences in the color and shape of each one’s rear end. In fact, there is even a quiz to match the butt with the bear to see how well you’ve been paying attention.

Panketsu also contains a frequently asked questions section where experts give a more thorough explanation of the full panda butt experience. Questions such as “Is panda fur soft?” and “Do pandas have flurry tails when they’re born?” and more are answered, allowing anyone to become a proper panda posterior pro upon completion of the book.

The second printing of Panketsu is currently selling through Amazon Japan for 1,320 yen (US$12), but anyone in need of more pandas in their lives better act fast. The rapid selling out of the first run of copies shows that it truly is a kyakuyose panda of coffee table books.

Source: Amazon / Atsumare! Panda no Oshiri: Panketsu, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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