Family Mart x Mos Burger collaboration opens new doors for konbini food.

Just last week we heard that Japan’s beloved convenience store chain Family Mart would be collaborating with Japan’s beloved burger chain Mos Burger to create a very special steamed bun for a limited time.

As the very first collaboration between the two big names, the new steamed bun, or “nikuman” as steamed buns are known in Japan, is said to combine the flavour of Mos Burger’s super popular Teriyaki Burger with all the fun of a convenience store steamed bun.

How well would the flavour of the iconic burger be replicated in a steamed bun? We went straight out to buy one when they were released on 20 September to find out.

The Mos Teriyaki Nikuman prides itself on being particular about the flavours of miso and soy sauce, which are said to be the main base ingredients of the teriyaki sauce used at Mos Burger.

▼ Tearing the piping-hot bun in two revealed the glistening sauce running through the filling, which was much meatier than expected.

Unlike traditional steamed meat buns, the meat in this one is cut into thick chunks that have the same texture and flavour as a Mos Burger patty! This was a fantastic surprise, and because there was so much meat in the filling it made every mouthful taste like a bite of a Teriyaki Burger, complete with sweet miso and soy sauce, and dollops of mayonnaise to provide bursts of creaminess throughout.

The steamed bun helped to complement the rich flavours of the filling beautifully, providing an exciting change to the burger buns we’re so used to, while creating a softer, mellower flavour profile overall.

▼ Though it doesn’t contain lettuce like the original burger, the image of lettuce on the wrapping works well to fool your mind into thinking it’s there while you eat.

This is a truly delicious nikuman that tastes just like the original Teriyaki Burger that inspired the collaboration. If you love both steamed buns and Mos Burger you’ll want to head out to your nearest Family Mart to try these before they sell out, as they’re only being made in limited numbers.

Priced at 180 yen (US$1.25) each, you may even be tempted to get more than one, and if you stop to pick up these other top-selling nikuman, we won’t judge you!

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