deep fryer

McDonald’s remixes Ado and Asmi hits along with the sound of their deep-fryer

A mouthwatering mix.

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Thanko’s lucky bag for 2023 brings the heat in more ways than one

It even brings the cold at times.

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Japanese company develops personal fryer for easy and delicious meals

A great way to enjoy a fried meal without the mess.

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We fry up a feast at Kushiya Monogatari and learn the joy of Japanese skewer restaurants

No wonder these places are such a hit in Osaka!

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Japanese Twitter user transcribes McDonald’s distinctive deep fryer chime to sheet music

Warm the hearts of friends and family by recreating that distinct beeping sound of a finished basket of McDonald’s fries on the instrument of your choice. It’s a timeless classic.

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AQTAS: the deep fryer that not only is safe to add water to, but uses it for better frying

In Japan, there’s been a lot of talk about a new deep fryer developed by Noritz called AQTAS. Traditionally deep frying involved using oil and oil only. Adding water to the equation would often lead to destruction to property and/or serious bodily harm.

Then there’s AQTAS which somehow not only is able to take in water and ice without an explosion but all of the oil in the fryer is actually swirling directly atop a layer of water. We’re not really sure exactly why it works, but it does and there are a bunch of other benefits to it as well.

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