Tarot-themed decor, a plant-based menu, freebies, a gift shop, and more…this cafe has everything a tarot fan could want!

Tarot cards are special to a lot of people. Their nuanced meanings are believed to aid in providing clarity in life, to gain insight into the past, present, and future. Plus, the stunning art, which comes in a huge variety of styles, is inspiring; some people collect decks for their beauty as well as their claimed divination powers.

If you’re someone unfamiliar with tarot but are curious about what attracts people to it, there’s a concept cafe in Tokyo for you called Cafe Tarot. There, surrounded by tarot-themed decorations, you can enjoy plant-based food and sweets and explore tarot to your heart’s content.

The cafe is located in the neighborhood of Asukusabashi and is considered the official cafe of the recently opened Tokyo Tarot Museum, which exhibits all things tarot. The first thing that will probably draw your eye when you go inside is the marble mosaic of the Wheel of Fortune.

The Wheel of Fortune is one of the Major Arcana, the main 22 cards in a tarot deck, and depicts a revolving wheel that represents the wheel of life. Full of whimsy and magic, and made of marble which is said to possess ancient energies, this mosaic is sure to leave a serious impression, both emotionally and spiritually!

Throughout the cafe are other decorations inspired by traditional tarot designs. If you’re a tarot fan, you might be able to spot them all, but if you’re learning, part of the fun might be discovering the importance of each symbol.

The cafe serves healthy, plant-based versions of popular dishes, such as open-faced sandwiches, hamburger plates, and muffins made of rice flour.

Of course, drinks are also available, including coffee, black tea, and herbal tea.

As a bonus, with every drink order, you’ll also receive a free original coaster! The designs on the coasters are inspired by motifs found on the 22 Major Arcana cards. The cafe distributes them at random, but there’s a certain fun in finding out which one you get during your visit.

Perhaps if you ask a question before you receive it, it will provide a message for you. Plus, if you manage to collect them all, you can also use them as a deck of tarot cards.

The cafe also loans tarot decks to customers while in the cafe. They’re perfect for exploring tarot on your own, and great for using with friends to see what kind of insight they can bring to your lives.

Books and resources are kept on the shelves in the cafe to help you learn how to use Tarot. Some of them also serve as artbooks, which you can browse as you enjoy your drinks.

You can buy original Tokyo Tarot Museum goods in the cafe as well. Mugs, T-shirts, and magnets decorated with tarot card designs are available at your fingertips.

Lastly, like the museum, the cafe is also planning to hold various services and events, such as tarot readings, workshops, and lectures, so there’s plenty to look forward to if you’re interested in tarot.

Cafe Tarot is now open as of October 2 and is just a five-minute walk from the Tokyo Tarot Museum, making it easy to stop by after checking out the museum. Asakusabashi is also home to one of the top nine standing soba restaurants in Tokyo…so you have plenty of options for food when you visit!

Source, images: PR Times
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