Japan’s first-ever Tarot Card Museum opens in Tokyo, perfect for art and occult lovers

For now, you can observe rare tarot cards on display, but there are lots of events to come!

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Beautiful ukiyo-e tarot cards are East-meets-West in more ways than one

Japan’s famous woodblock prints meet Occidental-style fortune-telling.

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Divination will never be the same with these gorgeous fan-illustrated Sailor Moon Tarot cards!

Some believe that our fate is written in the stars. Do you believe in things such as astrology and divination? We have no idea in what way the celestial bodies influence our fate, but we do know of something related to stars and planets and moons… the Sailor Moon series!

All right, that eas sort of corny, but hey, check out these awesome fan-created tarot card designs inspired by Sailor Moon and company!

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