The crisp mountain air isn’t the only reason guests might be feeling chills in Nagano.

Glamprook Iizuna Kogen has a lot to offer travelers. The glamping resort boasts both posh accommodations and access to the beautiful, mountainous terrain of the Nagano Prefecture highlands.

Oh, and terrifying monsters.

OK, so in most circumstances “half-rotten members of the undead” wouldn’t exactly be a selling point for a luxury hotel, and thankfully Glamprook Iizuna Kogen is monster-free for most of the year. This October is an exception, though, as the hospitable creatures seen here are part of the glampsite’s Halloween festivities.

Along with the zombie doorman welcoming guests to the property, there’s also a witch serving drinks in the on-site bar after sundown.

▼ Glamprook claims this concoction is made with black vodka and berry extract, but we wouldn’t be surprised if it turned you into a toad or placed some other mysterious curse on you after drinking.

There’s also a Frankenstein’s monster cooking up pitch-black pizzas in the restaurant kitchen, whose color Glamprook says comes from squid ink (which we assume is their codeword for “dark magical forces”).

And while most of Glamprook’s guest domes look like this…

…there are also two special “witch’s rooms” that you can sleep in instead (or at least try to sleep in as you attempt to suppress the anxiety that you’ll be eaten and/or possessed by evil entities before dawn).

▼ The White Witch’s Room, with a skull motif

▼ And the Black Witch’s Room, with a murder of crow figurines

The Witch’s Room packages also include a special dinner multi-course meal with one dish that looks like the aftermath of a ritual sacrifice of some sort.

The Monster Glamping event is going on now, and continues until October 31.

Location information
Glamprook Iizuna Kogen / グランルーク飯綱高原
Address: Nagano-ken, Kamiminochi-gun, Iizunamachi Oaza Kawakami 2755-1

Source, images: PR Times
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