Mister Donut hasn’t said what Jigglypuff tastes like, but Pokémon fans might already be able to guess.

Next month, Mister Donut is starting a new promotional campaign with the slogan “Kimi ga egao ni narimasu you ni,” which loosely translates to “Something for you to smile about.” That seems like it should be a pretty easy promise to fulfil when you’re in the business of selling something as widely (and justly) loved as donuts, but the Mister Donut-provided smiles are going to be extra big since they’re bringing back the Pokémon donuts!

The Pokémon Pikachu Donut (pictured below) is, of course, returning, as it’s always a part of the annual limited-time menu.

In true Pokémon style, though, this year the Pikachu donut will be evolving into a new form: the Pikachu Snowman Donut. Pikachu is also being joined by, for the first time ever, a Jigglypuff Donut, with the musically inclined Pocket Monster taking the place of last year’s Eevee Donut.

The regular Pikachu Donut is likely to continue with its banana cream filling, but Mister Donut hasn’t yet released any photos or additional information for the Pikachu Snowman or Jigglypuff sweets. We can, however, make two educated guesses (and, at the risk of bragging, Pokémon desserts are a field in which our scholarly credentials are well-established). Assuming the Pikachu Snowman Donut has a snowy appearance, odds are it’ll be white-chocolate flavored, as that’s a more common/popular donut ingredient in Japan than powdered sugar or shaved coconut. As for the Jigglypuff Donut, we’re almost absolutely certain that it’ll have a custard cream filling, since Jigglypuff’s name in the Japanese versions of the Pokémon anime/video games is “Purin,” which also just happens to be the Japanese word for custard pudding.

Both Pikachu Donuts are set to go on sale at Mister Donut branches across Japan in early November, with Jigglypuff joining them in December.

Source: PR Times via Entabe
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