Get on the damn stage, Shinji!

The Tokyu Kabukicho Tower, currently under construction in Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood, checks off a lot items on the standard Japanese skyscraper: shops, restaurants, event spaces, movie theater. One thing it’s going to have that isn’t so ordinary, though, is Evangelion hotel rooms.

The building, which will be located right across the street from the Seibu Shinjuku train station, is large enough to house two separate hotels. One, Hotel Groove Shinjuku, is described by the developers as an “entertainment hotel,” and when it opens an entire floor of guestrooms will be designated the “Lifestyle Hotel Eva.” The rooms’ theming will be based on Evangelion’s mecha pilots, with special artwork decorations and guests can take home exclusive merch as part of the package.

That’s just the start of what’s waiting for Eva fans, though. The Tokyu Kabukicho Tower will also have a stage theater, called the Theater Milano-Za, and its very first production will be a live-action stage adaptation of Evangelion, to be titled Evangelion Beyond, with Belgian-Moroccan Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui handling directing, playwriting, and choreography. In addition, the building’s movie theater will host a revival film festival of Evangelion theatrical-feature anime, and its concert hall, Zepp Shinjuku, will serve as the venue for a special concert by Yoko Takahashi, singer of Evangelion’s opening theme “A Cruel Angel’s Thesis.”

The Tokyu Kabukicho Tower itself opens on April 14, but Hotel Groove Shinjuku and its Lifestyle Hotel Eva don’t start accepting guests until May 19 (the Eva themed rooms will be available for a limited, as yet unannounced period of time). Takahashi’s concert is scheduled for May 28, and Evangelion Beyond is slated to premiere the same month.

Source, images: PR Times
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