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Kabuki adaptation of Miyazaki’s Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind now available to stream online

Stage play goes beyond the Studio Ghibli founder’s anime movie to tell the complete story.

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Star Wars becomes a kabuki play as we attend Kairennosuke and the Three Shining Swords in Tokyo

Japan’s biggest kabuki star becomes Kylo Ren, and here’s how you can watch the performance yourself.

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Want tickets to the Star Wars kabuki play? Here’s how you can win a pair for free

You can see kabuki Kylo Ren for free if the Force, and some luck, are with you.

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Here’s what Studio Ghibli heroine Nausicaa will look like in her live-action kabuki play

First costumed photos for upcoming adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s landmark film show princess protagonist and her anime arc antagonist.

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Sailor Moon musical to be released on DVD next month, footage available online【Video】

Weren’t able to make it to a performance of the anime stage show? Not to worry, you can now watch it anytime you want!

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Ghost in the Shell in costume as producers reveal cast photos, reason for no DVD plans

The recent boom in live-action movie, TV, and stage adaptations of hit anime has to be a headache for producers. Most anime start out as manga, where the only limits on outlandish character and costume design is the imagination of the original artist, and we imagine it’s an exhaustive search to find real-life actors and actresses who look the part.

But Japan’s casting directors are proving themselves up to the challenge. Hot on the heels of the recently revealed Prison School TV drama come photos of the cast of the stage adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, and not only are there some uncanny resemblances, we now know why there won’t be a DVD or live streaming of the performance.

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