Clairvoyant anime star probably knows how much fans want one of these for when they’re typing away.

When watching Spy x Family, I think the hardest part of the hit anime’s scenario to believe isn’t that elementary school kid Anya has the ability to read minds, but that no one had adopted her before Loid came along. In pretty much every scene she’s in, Anya is earnest and adorable, so you’d think there’d be no shortage of people happy to have her in their home.

So for everyone who would like to have Anya hanging around, she’s now a plushie PC cushion.

Premium Bandai is who to thank if you’ve been looking for a way to adopt Anya yourself. The 50-centimeter (19.7-inch) tall Anya PC cushion has her own little, keyboard, with double-sided illustrations and plenty of pictures of peanuts, her favorite snack food.

Anya’s keyboard is detachable, so if she needs to go run and play while you’ve still got typing to do, you can it as a wrist rest.

This also means that you can use Anya as a cushion without her keyboard, if that size/shape is more comfortable for you, or just have her sit next to you like you’re one big happy family.

▼ You can almost hear her saying “Dad! Mom!”

The Anya PC cushion is priced at 6,820 yen (US$48) and can be ordered here through the Premium Bandai online shop, with shipping scheduled for March.

Source, images: Premium Bandai
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